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Effective September 1, 2022

Infants and Wobblers

  • $1,470 per month


  • $1,425 per month

Discovery Preschool

  • $1,238 per month


  • $1,152 per month


  • $1,152 per month


For additional information on enrichment programs and fees, contact the Center.

Special Activities, Field Trips & Special Programs are offered. Any additional fees will be posted at each Center.

Learning Adventures

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

  • Children actively explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics using traditional tools like magnifying glasses and measuring sets as well as new technology including KIBO Robot, the Root Robot, LEGO STEAM Park and Coding Express and more.
  • Children will also explore and grow STEM Mindsets:  I Wonder, I Create, I Observe and I Solve Problems. STEM offers an inquiry-based and design-thinking process and emphasizes activities where children advance their collaboration skills.


  • Consists of "lesson blocks" which include letter recognition, letters and sounds, letter writing, small word sounds, vowels and sound blending.
  • Children will hear stories and play listening games to further develop the auditory skills in order to hear and identify the unique letter sounds.


  • An interactive class which consists of singing, dancing, musical instruments and a variety of rhythm and listening activities.
  • Each lesson emphasizes a different area of childhood development including: confidence, coordination, vocal expressiveness, careful listening and an early exposure to reading skills.
  • Every other month a music kit with a CD and a book as well as a new instrument are included.